Funding for Meeting Attendance

We do this by supporting GPs to take part in activity which ensures that the voice and experience of General Practice is heard in meetings, committees and other situations.

Currently the BMA does not recompense or compensate attenders at committee and other meetings, for the first 12 meetings. Given the status of GPs as independent contractors or employees in small organisations, the BMA arrangement is a significant disincentive to GPs to become involved in this type of activity. Therefore, the GPDF currently provides a grant to BMA to remove any disincentive and to encourage GP engagement in representation activity.

This arrangement is in place until June 2023 and  further arrangements will be subject to ongoing negotiations between GPDF and BMA.

Funding for LMC Conferences

There are four policy making LMC conferences a year (UK, England, Scotland and Wales) all of which are important sessions to enable LMC delegates to come together to debate issues of importance to general practice. The output of these conferences then feed into each of the General Practice Committees (UK, England, Scotland and Wales).

A further conference for LMC Secretaries is held each year to facilitate mutual development and joint working for LMCs and the GPC.

GPDF not only pays for the venue to hold each conference, it also funds travel and accommodation expenses for representatives from LMCs according to set limits.

Travel & Expenses Info

Download information on travel and accommodation expenses payments re LMC UK conference in Belfast

What we do for LMCs and General Practice


Fund interventions in legal and other related matters


Fund initiatives that support effective functioning of LMCs


Engaging in dialogue with stakeholders to share knowledge and learning