Our Focus

It is expected that priority will be given to issues of ‘national importance’ related to LMCs and/or General Practice. Areas which are excluded from potential support by GPDF include:

Criminal matters

Libel / slander / defamation

Professional performance issues

Request where the practice or LMC is not contributing to the GPDF quota to the satisfaction of the board

Commercial issues where there is no point of principle applicable more widely

Representation in relation to HMRC enquires

Issues related to NHS Pensions and NHS Pension providers

Issues outside England, Scotland or Wales

Issues covered by BMA

Representation of a GP appearing ‘in front of’ medical practitioners tribunals

Case Studies

A dispute between Littlewick Medical Centre, a levy paying practice of Derby & Derbyshire LMC, and NHS England over reimbursement claims for Childhood immunisations was settled with the support of the GPDF.

NHS England had withheld payment on the basis that the practice had not used the correct system for claiming. After Derby & Derbyshire LMC took up this case on behalf of the practice, legal representation and costs were supported by the GPDF. Further to legal discussions, a GPDF-funded solicitor successfully secured a decision from the Family Health Services Appeal Unit in favour of Littlewick Medical Centre, ruling that NHS England’s communication of the system change had been insufficient.

A full reimbursement of £27,000 was made to Littlewick Medical Centre by NHS England. The GPDF’s support and financial backing for this case were critical in achieving a successful outcome, clearly demonstrating how the GPDF can support individual GP practices with specific cases, that build legal precedent for practices everywhere.

How to Find out More

Support may be offered by the GPDF to GPs and/or Practices via an LMC ‘sponsor’, with engagement of the LMC (i.e. support will not normally be provided directly to an individual GP without the knowledge or involvement the appropriate LMC).

The full Policy for supporting legal issues may be found here

If you would like to make an informal enquiry to the GPDF about the potential for support related to a legal matter, please download and complete this short enquiry form. It would be helpful if the enquiry were to address the eligibility criteria in the Policy.

Please email the completed form to John Canning, Director of Operations doo@gpdf.org.uk

Any requests for Legal support would be considered by the GPDF Executive team, and if considered appropriate would be submitted to the GPDF Board for approval.  The GPDF Executive team may choose to seek views and input from others as they see fit before the Board discussion to assist in fully understanding the implications for support.

For full details of the conditions of GPDF providing Legal Support please download the Deed of Grant document.

What we do for LMCs and General Practice

Strengthen Voice

We help to strengthen the ‘Voice’ of LMCs and GPs


We fund initiatives that support effective functioning of LMCs


We engage in dialogue with stakeholders to share knowledge and learning