What we do for LMCs and General Practice

Fund Initiatives that Support Effective Functioning of LMCs

The LMC Development Grant Scheme

The purpose of this fund is to support the development and/or increase the effectiveness of LMCs (and therefore contribute to the effective support by LMCs to General Practice and GPs).

This is a fund for ‘projects’ over and above what might be considered to be ‘normal LMC business’ and not intended to fund recurring expenditure, and the scheme is focussed on providing Grants (not Loans or Investments) to LMCs.

It is planned that there will be two opportunities each year, to apply for funding – July (for award in October) and January (for award in March).

Collaboration between LMCs would be particularly welcome.

What GPDF is likely to fund

Issues of ‘widespread’ importance or benefit to LMCs (and therefore General Practice), where the results, outcomes, findings or experiences are transferable across a number of LMCs.

Developmental activity across a group or consortium of LMCs. (This could be a regional grouping or across multiple regional LMCs).

Activity, which when replicated across a number of LMCs, could increase efficiency, innovation or share good practice.

Activity fostering collaboration across LMCs, strengthening the LMC sector generally.

Projects over and above what GPDF considerers to be the normal business activity undertaken by LMCs.

What GPDF is unlikely to fund

Areas of activity which are within the remit of the BMA (inc GPCs)

Purely local activity which would be of benefit to only a single LMC and/or its local practices

Political activity

Subsidy to an LMC or individual practice experiencing financial challenges

Activity in GPDF view, which is within the scope of the majority of LMCs normal business activity, (except in highly exceptional circumstances).

How to Apply and Find out More

It is planned that there will be two opportunities to apply for funding each year – in July (for award in October) and January (for award in March).

Please download the LMC Development Grant Scheme Application form.

Applications will normally be reviewed by an Advisory Panel made up of individuals from LMCs, before being considered by GPDF Board. If you would like to be considered to join the assessment panel, contact mail@gpdf.org.uk (Note: Individuals will not be asked to review an application from their own LMC).

For the full details of the conditions of GPDF providing a Development Grant to an LMC please download the Deed of Grant document.

What we do for LMCs and General Practice

Strengthen Voice

We help to strengthen the ‘Voice’ of LMCs and GPs


We fund interventions in legal and other related matters


We engage in dialogue with stakeholders to share knowledge and learning

FAQs About the LMC Development Grant Scheme