About Us

Our Structure

GPDF is a company limited by guarantee, consisting of members who are nominated from LMCs across Great Britain. We are governed by a Board of Directors, the majority of whom are or have been GPs and elected by members (i.e. LMCs). A minority of Directors are appointed for their skills or experience in other sectors. (i.e. non-medical).

Day to day management is provided by an Executive Team, headed by the Executive Chair and supported by the Director of Operations and the Company Secretary. Until 2018, GPDF was very closely linked to the General Practitioners Committee of the BMA. This is no longer the case and the GPDF is completely independent in structure and responsibility from the GPC and BMA.

The Board

Dr Douglas Moederle-Lumb

Executive Chair - Nominee for North Yorkshire

Julia Densem

Director - Non-Medical

Dr Colin Kelman

Director - Nominee for Salford and Trafford

Dr Gurmit Mahay

Director - Nominee for Wolverhampton

Dr Keith McIntyre

Director - Nominee for Lanarkshire

Dr Robert Morley

Director - Nominee for Birmingham

Dr Ashok Rayani

Director - Nominee for Morgannwg

Dr Paul Roblin

Director - Nominee for Oxfordshire

Non-Board Members

With Executive Responsibility

Dr John Canning

Director of Operations

Hugh Christie

Company Secretary

Origins of GPDF

GPDF Limited has its roots in the early 20th century when its predecessor organisation, initially called The Insurance Defence Fund was founded in 1911. The remit, structure, focus and name (variously General Medical Services Defence Trust and General Medical Services Defence Fund Ltd), has changed and evolved several times over the years but always with a common purpose to support the best interest of publicly funded general practitioners.